There are powerful professional relationship, Common goals and excellent Communication practices between the members of  the MTIS Foundation Board and the MTIS Council of Directors, that fully ensure a productive, Collaborative leadership of the School


The MTIS Council of Directors, the leadership & management team of the school, is responsible for coordinating all matters pertaining to school mission, school governance and management, educational leadership, strategies and policies, standards and procedures, studies, admissions, registrations, national and international accreditations, human resources, professional development, communication, international relations, budget, finances, investments and other matters related to administration.

There are powerful professional relationships, common goals and excellent communication practices between the members of the MTIS Foundation Board and the MTIS Council of Directors, that fully ensure a productive, collaborative leadership of the school.

As governors and administrators of an IB World School, all members of the team regularly attend worldwide leadership professional development programmes, conferences and workshops (in Dubai, Lisbon, Athens, Basel, Cairo to name but a few), as well as national and in-school education management PD sessions, being committed to continuous professional self-improvement.

The Council of Directors

Anca Macovei Vlasceanu

Head of School


Dan Macovei Vlasceanu

General Director


Elena Dobrin

Primary & Early Education Academic Director


Sanda Sava

Secondary School Academic Director


Mihai Anton

Finance & Development Director


Paul Stecoza

Advisory Director

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents & Friends,

In 2012-2013, Mark Twain International School continues its mission of generating a significant impact upon international education in Romania. Bringing together over 420 wonderful and unique students in its classrooms, and 70 dedicated and highly-skilled teachers, MTIS opens pathways everyday to the world of learning and the realms of discovery specific to an IB World School. Our students and teachers are also joined by an administrative team of 40 members who responsibly watch over the practical aspects of a large school like ours, guaranteeing their comfort and safety at European standards.

The MTIS students and alumni are eloquent proof that the journey travelled by MTIS since 1995, as well as the accomplishments and joys gathered by our school community throughout the years – such as the School of the Year Award for MTIS, at the National Education Awards – have been well worth the joint efforts of students, parents and teachers to create the added value we all seek and the expected level of success.

I am also truly delighted to report a suite of more recent notable achievements, only made possible by the enthusiastic contribution of our entire learning community, such as: the national high school accreditation awarded by the National Quality Assurance Agency, rounding out the school’s portfolio to 10 official authorisations and affiliations; the opening of the MTIS Research, Innovation and Professional Development Division, accredited to roll out a series of avant-garde initiatives designed to involve members of our learning community and to reach out beyond it into the national education network with transferable professional credit; the outstanding overall results at the General County Inspection, during which 19 operational domains and 121 sub-domains of the school activity were analysed by 9 appointed education experts and inspectors; and the visit to our secondary school campus of Her Royal Highness Princess Margarita of Romania, who placed the annual Mark Twain Theatre for Youth under Her High Patronage, as a confirmation of MTIS’ extraordinary achievements and progress in the field of education and artistic education of young people.

With students at the centre of these results and of the MTIS mission, each student is encouraged to honour his or her full potential, to be informed and involved, to become more creative and open-minded, to appreciate the humanity and diversity that define us. Whether they represent our school as academic Olympians, sports champions or active protectors of our planet; whether they are innovative in the sciences, expressive in the arts or socially responsible; our students – from 2 to 19 – practice wisdom, tolerance and friendship with their peers every day, learning to become life-long learners, rapidly adapting to a dynamic global society, and giving to the community they are proudly part of.

We warmly invite you to join the Mark Twain International School community!

Anca Macovei Vlasceanu
MTIS Founder, Chair & Head of School

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