MARK TWAIN IS Students support national Brancusi Campaign

28/07 - 1 minute read

‘Brancusi belongs to us!’ affirmed Mark Twain IS students, in support of the official national subscription campaign launched by the Romanian Government and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs for the acquisition of the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ sculpture by Constantin Brancusi.|„Brancusi ne apartine!” au afirmat inimosii elevi de la Mark Twain IS.

Just before the school year came to an end in June, Mark Twain IS students had the special honour to meet Ms. Sorana Georgescu-Gorjan, whose father and grand-father worked together with the great sculptor to design the remarkable ‘Infinity Column’. The students were fascinated by the interesting stories about the famous Romanian artist and asked numerous prepared, and spontaneous, questions about his life and his world-renowned pieces of art.

The students in both Mark Twain IS campuses also donated money in order to keep the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ in the possession of the Romanian State, and received some refreshing and well-deserved ice-cream in return during the exciting campaign. At the end of the day, student representatives delivered the total amount of 2 300 Lei into the campaign account at the local bank

Well done, dear students! Many thanks to all parents for their support, and to our Visual Arts Teachers, Daniela Martinescu and Dan Omocea, for their expertise and involvement!