When the middle years programme concludes at the end of 10th grade, mtis students who choose to continue their studies within the national baccalaureate programme must opt for one of the study streams offerd by the school: exact sciences or humanities.


The Exact Sciences stream, which offers Mathematics-Information Technology and Natural Sciences, is suitable for those who wish to follow a career path in fields such as medicine, economy (business administration), engineering, IT, scientific research and other domains in which similar competencies in the exact sciences are required.  An interest in how the world works and an objective, clear set of goals are some of the qualities of the students in this stream. The subjects offered here are in agreement with both the student profile and the areas of knowledge for which the student is being prepared: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.


The Humanities stream, offering Language Arts and Social Studies, is designed for those who feel the need to be creative in their lives and more open to the many interpretations of the world available through the human sciences. They may want to choose a career in advertising, mass media, foreign languages, education, philology, sociology and others. In this case too, the subjects offered are related to student interests and the areas of knowledge in which they might excel: Romanian and World Literature, Modern Languages (English, French, German, Spanish), History, Geography, Logic, Psychology, Philosophy etc.

The Romanian Baccalureate

The national baccalaureate, which is the culminating task of this rich educational experience, is also differentiated according to the stream of study. The only common requirement is the Romanian Language and Literature exam (oral and written) as mother tongue – a general objective of any type of baccalaureate. In addition:


Exact Sciences students sit one Mathematics exam (M1 or M2 depending on which profile they have followed) and one exam in an exact science of their choice (Physics, Chemistry, Biology);


Humanities students sit the compulsory History exam and opt for a third exam subject from among those that are specific to their profile, such as Geography, Modern Languages, Psychology, Logic, or Philosophy, in which they sit an exam each.

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